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With SO much happening, isn’t it about time we took a few minutes to give back to those who have helped us get to where we are today?


Between losing loved ones to Covid or losing loved ones to politics, it was just straight-up an UGLY year!


Productivity was down….the energy was zapped right out of millions of lives…sometimes LITERALLY!  And we craved when ‘normal’ would return.


I watched hundreds of my clients lose their businesses…employees and sadly, their lives or the lives of loved ones.  And let’s face it…NO amount of my magic could EVER bring those people back nor bring back the happiness in their lives that once existed.


So..I set out to hit the reset button and try to think of SOMETHING I could do to help…no matter how much of an uphill battle it was!


But…what did *I* have to offer?  I was just a magician.  People didn’t NEED a magician…did they?


No…but they DID need a distraction!  But not just ANY distraction. Something that would allow them to briefly escape the sadness…the mundane…the agony of now having to live and breathe in a closed-up society.


I’m talking about people that were forced to work from home.  Some with kids running around and STILL never getting anything done!


For some…what seemed to be the dream job (working from home), turned out to be the biggest challenge they ever faced!

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…and then everything changed

The proverbial ‘lightbulb’ went off!

Even though I lost HUNDREDS of LIVE events…I still had technology on my side!

I jumped on Amazon and started ordering new lights…a new camera…a new mic!

I decided to take my ENTIRE business VIRTUAL!

But would this actually work?  Could I STILL amaze and delight people through a computer screen?

I guess there’s only one way to find out…

So I started doing just that!  I started emailing my clients and letting them know I was offering something unique and different and asked them if they could participate in something new.  And to my surprise, they said ‘YES’!

So I did a few shows via Zoom. The results?  IT WORKED!!!

Even though I couldn’t be in front of someone, I was still able to change my approach to make the magic work!

Little things like changing “Pick a card” to “THINK of a card”. I could still do the same trick and even though it was done through a computer screen, it was even MORE amazing to them because we were literally MILES apart!  In some cases, different countries!

And even now as you are reading this…I know some of you might have doubts.

Am I right?


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chris michael holding phone think of a card


What if I could PROVE to you that magic…while being performed over a computer screen…could still amaze you just like it would if we were talking live at a cocktail party.

Would you be interested in seeing something like this?  A personal demonstration perhaps?

If you answered ‘Yes’ then click right here and I’ll show you a trick RIGHT NOW!  No kidding!



If I had a dollar for every time I heard a potential client say “I just don’t think magic is a good fit for our event” or “It probably won’t be well received by everyone”I GET IT!

And to be honest…there’s a LOT of bad magicians out there!  They’ve sadly made it difficult for seasoned pros like myself to convince audiences that it can still be amazing.

Not because magic is boring or ‘cheesy’…but because people lose their imagination and wonder the older they get.  Peter Pan had it right all along!

The truth is that gain more joy and happiness watching those same people have their minds blown because they were willing to give me an opportunity to amaze them and their guests.


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screen shot 2021-09-23 at 34059 pm
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screen shot 2021-09-23 at 34125 pm
screen shot 2021-09-23 at 34012 pm


These are people JUST LIKE YOU that NEEDED something different and took a chance.

And it paid off BIG TIME!

Do you NEED this? Probably not.

But, do you need something that can keep your guests engaged?

Something to create momentum?

Something to get them participating as a group?

Something that can bring them ALL together and help them create an indelible experience they’ll be talking about and telling stories about to future employees for years to come?


LL-Cool-J-Performance-RAW (1)


But thankfully I was able to change that!


By now, you’re probably still wondering this. LOL.

Well…my name is Chris Michael.  My unique blend of light-hearted but POWERFUL magic and humor have been dazzling audiences like yours for over 10+ years in the corporate hospitality industry!

I have been blessed to travel the world bringing fun and happiness to Fortune 500 companies, colleges and universities, and even major sporting events.

My clients bring me in to make sure their event and their guests have an UNFORGETTABLE experience that they can talk about for years to come!

chris michael about mere-crop-u470


So…if you have taken the time to read this far down, chances are that I have done a pretty good job keeping you interested in what I have to say next.  I think that’s safe to assume…right?

And the ONLY way for you to get to know me and for me to get to know you is setting aside a little more time to get to know one another.

I’m going to be honest for a second though…

Unless you are prepared to sit down and set aside 20-30 minutes to discuss your needs and expectations and let me help you make this event a success…I would strongly welcome you to follow me on social media and stay connected….but DO NOT CONTACT ME!

I don’t want that to come off as an arrogant statement.  I just value my time and more importantly YOUR time far too much!

HOWEVER…if you have questions and would like to know more, I will gladly make time to chat with you and TOGETHER, we can create a plan that will allow me to help make your event AWESOME!


I have a few options for packages that will for just about EVERY budget!  Have a look below and see which one not only fits your budget, but MORE importantly, your NEEDS!

Basic Show


Get guests gasping and laughing as unexpected magic occurs right on their screen. Chris will have guests gather props from around their house and EVERYONE will be involved. This is a GREAT option if you’re on a strict budget but looking for a fun experience for your team to have!

Run Time: 45 minutes
Run Time: 45 minutes

Virtual Insanity

An Upgraded Experience!
pasted image 177x155-u827


Your guests will experience Chris’s television grade magic show live. You will get a digital mystery box sent to all your participants to use during the show to create an immersive experience. Chris will also upgrade the tech and host an INSANELY fun ice-breaker before the show begins.

Run Time: 75 minutes
Run Time: 75 minutes

VIP Experience

pasted image 177x155-u867


Upgrade the customization of the show along with the addition of a psychologically thrilling twist as a finale that will make everyone do a spit-take! Plus, Chris will assemble PHYSICAL packages with upscale props inside that your guests can use during the show and have a powerful keepsake to remember this event.

Run Time: 45 minutes
Run Time: 45 minutes

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-Chris Michael


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